Teradek Ranger Zero-Delay Wireless Video Transmission Systems

In the recent News Shooter article by Matthew Allard ACS, Teradek unveils its groundbreaking Ranger Micro and Ranger II wireless video transmission systems, featuring advanced 6GHz support (U-NII 5). These cutting-edge solutions redefine RF-based wireless video transmission, boasting true zero-delay (<1ms) with visually lossless picture quality, surpassing the human eye's sensitivity threshold of 13ms.

Designed to meet the demands of professional settings such as broadcast, sports, and ENG applications, the Ranger series stands out with a remarkable maximum range of 5,000 feet (1,524 meters). Its versatility extends to various production scenarios, including handheld gimbals, drones, and shoulder-mounted cameras.

The Ranger II introduces unparalleled capabilities by sending visually lossless 4K HDR with AES-256 encryption, a significant upgrade from other systems relying on compressed HEVC and H.264 images. The system's Granular Frequency Control empowers users to make precise adjustments to signal frequency in 5MHz increments, enhancing adaptability in dynamic production environments.

For practical connectivity, the Ranger Micro specializes in sending SDI and HDMI signals up to 1080 60p, while the Ranger II supports SDI and HDMI signals up to 4K 60p. Both systems offer seamless integration with previous and current Ranger models, providing scalability and flexibility for evolving production needs.

With its exceptional features catering to the requirements of live event production, the Ranger series emerges as a top choice for professionals seeking state-of-the-art wireless video transmission technology. Explore the transformative capabilities of Teradek's Ranger Micro and Ranger II for unparalleled performance in your production workflow.

Read the full article by Matthew Allard ACS for News Shooter HERE

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