Teradek & SmallHD 703 Bolt | DJ Khaled's Music Video is Wild and Wireless

Here's a great user story - read about the 703 Bolt zero-delay 7" wireless field monitor in action in the making of a music video. Get a pro's perspective on using this lightweight, wireless monitor that allows you to monitor with fewer hassles than a wired setup. It's cable free and gives you complete mobility on set! From Teradek

user story teradek bolt 703....While DJ Khaled’s brute force approach towards music is something to be celebrated, the music videos help to really give his songs. The electrifying promo video for “Top Off” is the brainchild of Director Ivan Berrios, DJ Khaled’s right-hand man, and DP Mike Marasco (founder of Raw Media House), Ivan’s right-hand man for video production.

“Everyone who was part of this project had worked together before, and better yet, are my friends outside of work,” said Marasco, Director of Photography on set. “Ivan had seen a location from the movie Batman with the LED ceiling, which was Popsicle LA. He knew we needed DJ Khaled’s Maybach parked inside, so it was almost as if they were made for each other.”

Much like his previous work, Marasco wanted a way to keep everything smooth and efficient on set. What’s the best way to achieve this? By going wireless! Marasco got his hands on the new Teradek 703 Bolt, which was added to the 3-camera setup used on set....read more


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