Teradek Stream Reader for Wirecast and TriCaster

You can connect your HDMI and/or SDI equipped HD cameras wirelessly into your live video productions! Most live productions include only video from cameras physically connected to the switcher, which can be very limiting. If you are using Telestream Wirecast or Newtek TriCaster Mini/TC410/TC460/TC860/TC8000 models you can just add a Teradek Cube, Bond, Bolt or Beam encoder and you can include video from anywhere with Internet connectivity using Teradek's free Stream Reader plug-in!

Ideal for streaming live events: news, sports, concerts, church services, meetings, and more

Call our Videoguy's sales & support team and we'll be happy to review the features and benefits of the various Teradek encoders to create the perfect wireless video solution for your live productions!!

Teradek Stream Reader Features Telestream Wirecast Pro & NewTek TriCaster Integration

Live event broadcasting just got easier. Teradek's free Stream Reader* plugin for Wirecast and TriCaster allows users of Teradek encoding devices to import live HD video directly into their switchers' software platform.

Stream Reader is a powerful tool for live productions that use local or remote IP video feeds. This means that Teradek users can pull low latency video into their switcher straight from the encoder or a Sputnik Server.

Stream Reader also offers a number of features to help you get the most out of your workflow, including adjustable options for jitter buffer and lip synchronization across several Teradek video sources. To ensure your production is always in sync, the special Synchronization Mode automatically determines and applies the optimal buffer delay to your video feeds.

Teradek encoders are also integrated with Wirecast. No plugin is required for automatic, low latency, high definition ingest over WiFi and from bonded connections using Teradek's Sputnik server. *Note that you need Teradek encoder firmware v7.1.0 or later to be able to use all features of the plugin. For more information, please refer to the plugin's release notes on the download page.

**Additional features available for TriCaster users with purchase of the Pro license on the Teradek web store.

Teradek CubeTeradek Cube H.264 Encoder

Stream to an iPad or iPhone Cube enables producers, clients, and others on set to monitor every shot live on their iOS device. Instead of running long, cumbersome cables to bulky monitors, Cube's ability to turn the iPad or iPhone into a mobile wireless monitor liberates cinema crews from wired tethers and cluttered sets.

HD-SDI Encoder HD-SDI Decoder Cubelet HD-SDI Pair with Encoder & Decoder Cubelet Pair HD-SDI Encoder > HDMI Decoder Cubelet Pair HDMI Encoder > HD-SDI Decoder Cubelet HDMI Pair with Encoder & Drecoder HDMI Encoder HDMI Decoder
Ethernet & Cellular TeradekCube 105 $1,690 TeradekCube 305 $1,590 Teradek Cubelet 105/305 $3,280 Teradek Cubelet 105/405 $2,880 Teradek Cubelet 205/305 $2,880 Teradek Cubelet 205/405 $2,480 Teradek Cube 205 $1,290 Teradek Cube 405 $1,190
WIFI, Ethernet & Cellular Teradek Cube 155 $1,990 Teradek Cube 355 $1,890 Teradek Cubelet 155/355 $3,880 Teradek Cubelet 155/455 $3,480 Teradek Cubelet 255/355 $3,480 Teradek Cubelet 255/455 $3,080 Teradek Cube 255 $1,590 Teradek Cube 455 $1,490

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