Teradek Vidiu & Live:Air Make The Perfect Streaming Video Carry-on

105433-Think-Small-5-ORGIn this article Streaming Media shows you how you can build a completely portable live streaming solution that fits in your carry-on bag, powered by a pair of Teradek Vidiu & Live:Air iPod app. If you've been searching for a compact, light weight live streaming solution this article is a must read for you!
Streaming Media by Paul Schmutzler
How to Think Small and Travel Light: The Streaming Video Carry-On
We set out to build a roadworthy streaming production studio that fits in a carry-on bag. The result isn't cheap, but the flexibility and freedom it offers is worth the price
What once required huge, permanently installed receivers and mountains of cable now fits into our palms and operates wirelessly. The same can be said of cameras, which are even integrated into our phones. As cameras have shrunk from goliath to Google Glass, the supporting equipment has followed suit.
The small cameras of today afford producers incredible freedom to obtain even the most difficult shots. Aerial and aquatic drones can take inexpensive action cameras to heights and depths previously reserved for expensive helicopter shots or daredevil camera operators. Not only have the cameras gotten smaller, they’ve gotten better. Not very long ago, the size of a camera generally indicated what quality could be achieved with it. The smallest cameras were relegated to family vacation video. Medium-sized cameras were for budget filmmakers and small-town TV stations. The biggest units were for “serious” work: commercials and blockbuster Hollywood productions. Today, with hair-thin sensors being stuffed into the tiniest bodies, it’s easy to get pro-quality imagery from gear that can literally fit in your pocket.


We started off contemplating whether or not we could reasonably replicate a streaming studio in our pockets, but found that too limiting for professional production. Setting a goal of fitting everything into the airline-recognized carry-on bag gave us a reasonable but still ambitious target. Although there was recent chatter about reducing the allowable carry-on bag size, current standards call for 9"x14"x22" bags. To meet our goal, we had to find the smallest gear in each category. We also had to determine what was a must-have for this type of shoot. Here’s what we came up with. read more...

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