Teradek VidiU Mini + Live:Air iPad app: some pros are going to soil themselves

LiveAir-AppBack in March when Teradek introduced the VidiU Mini and Live:Air app Hugh Brownstone over at Planet5d went nuts over it. I didn't find his post until the other day, but I had to share it. When you combine a pair of VidiU and the Live:Air app you can actually product a live 2 camera shoot with just an iPad. AMAZING! Planet5D by Hugh Brownstone

Teradek VidiU Mini: OK, Some Pros Really ARE Going to Soil Themselves

The VidiU Mini Brings Live Event Coverage to The Rest of Us Here’s the thing: with the VidiU Mini and their soon-to-be-released Live:Air iPad app, Teradek has taken all of that live broadcasting horsepower – complete with multiple feed switching, titles, overlays, and more — and shrunk it into a $499 box that slips into your camera’s hot shoe along with a $99 app that essentially replicates an entire live broadcast studio. “The VidiU Mini takes all of the features of the VidiU,” Mike explains, “but combines it with the proprietary protocol (TDS – Teradek Streaming) of the Clip. The Mini has the same latency and 1080p output capability as the Clip and the Cube before it. But the difference is that the Mini doesn’t stream full screen. It’s not first and foremost a monitoring solution, though it can be used as a source for – and monitored in — Live:Air.” “What Live:Air allows a user to do is add in cuts, fades, graphics, and overlays on top of up to four wireless sources – and send it straight up to the cloud where it is broadcast via Livestream, Ustream or YouTube Live.” For $99 plus $499 for each Mini? Holy CRAP. read more...

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