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One thing that really set the Vidiu system apart from other systems is its ability to function completely wirelessly

Once upon a time, near the start of my career I worked as a freelance camera operator for a company that streamed basketball games. The system we used to stream the games was state of the art at the time. It required a camera, a converter box, a computer, and a local network that we had to set up. All of this gear cost a small fortune and fit neatly into a backpack that weighed a metric ton. If that wasn’t bad enough, I then had to find power, which was never in an optimal camera position, for all this gear.

I reminisce about these good old days because the new Teradek Vidiu system basically does everything our system did in a single device that is small enough to fit in your pocket. If the size wasn’t impressive enough, the price tag of $699 is easily less then 25% of what all the gear we used cost us at the time. All of that to say I was excited to see how far this technology had advanced. There are a couple of really great features in the product; the small size, great user interface, and a feature rich app make the Teradek Vidiu an impressive piece of technology.

Zooming in

The first things you notice about the Teradek Vidiu is the size; it’s really small. Only slightly bigger than a pack of cigarettes and weighing in at only 5 ounces, it’s small enough to mount comfortably onto a camera. But despite its size, there are a lot of features packed into this tiny package. The large OLED display takes up almost all of the height and is large enough to make the interface easy to read. The joystick navigation buttons make it easy to navigate through the very intuitive menu hierarchy. This small platform also has a variety of connection ports, including USB for charging the battery, HDMI for video input, 1/8-inch mic/line input for optional audio, along with power, Ethernet, and headphone jacks. read more...

Live stream without a PC with the Teradek VidiU

The Teradek VidiU allows you to stream in high definition directly to the web from anywhere without the need for a PC.

DSLR & HD Camera HDMI Webstreaming with TeraDeK VidiU

The TeraDeK VidiU unit allows a camera be it dslr or hd with a HDMI output to stream live across the internet. With the options of using wifi, 3G/4G or ethernet options. If you already have a Ustream or Livestream account or your own ip address then you can web or broacast live from your location. Great for music events, web video channel or content creators.

Even your own Google Hangout from an outdoor or other location, great way of providing clients with low cost livestream of content from HDMI conntected DSLR's or HD cameras.

In addition you output a live multicam project through a video mixer with HDMI output to the net or intranet or online pay per view site.

The Teradek VidiU unit has an app that allows you monitor and pre-check video stream before going live as well as allow you to see whats going on and get a viewer perspective.

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Teradek VidiU Live Streaming Broadcaster without a PC $679.00

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