Teradek VidiU Pro is shipping! Watch the video

The VidiuPro is finally shipping! We're really excited abou this step-up model to the VidiU. One of, if not the coolest new feature is ShareLink. This allows you to utilize badnwidth from multiple cell phones in order to stream live from remore locations. Which means the if you have 3 people with cell phones, pereferably on different carries, you can bond the bandwidth inot a bigger pipe, allowing for better framerates and higher resolutions.
VidiU Pro delivers high definition live streaming video with the quality and reliability expected in traditional HD broadcast. With Teradek’s latest ShareLink™ technology, you guarantee the bandwidth needed to stream your HD content from anywhere, to everywhere. Take your broadcast live with professional reliability for only $999. With added features like Enhanced WiFi capability, built-in recording to SD Card, and bonding over mixed sources including WiFi, Ethernet, and 4G LTE, VidiU Pro will take your live production abilities to the next level. VidiU Pro brings all the great features of the VidiU family while adding the value of more professional applications. New CDN partners such as DaCast, Ooyala, Akamai, and Azure bring the ability to customize your streaming options. Configuration is now extremely simple with the VidiU Pro companion app, which means no more endless toggling on the device. Bonding through ShareLink allows you to connect up to 4 smartphones for a reliable high quality stream from anywhere.

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