Teradek Vidiu X Can Help You Live Stream Like a Pro

Church Production answers three important questions that can help you stream like a pro. Whether you are a house of worship that's been streaming since the start of the pandemic or your new to the streaming world, Church Production's simple questions and answers can help take your live streaming production to the next level plus with the help of the Teradek Vidiu X, you'll be streaming like a pro in not time. 

Here are Church Production's three questions...

1) If you’re newer at streaming, consider this: Do I need an encoder? And why?  
Church Production recommends an encoder. Even though your smartphone can easily allow you to live stream it does come with limitations that streaming encoders can fix. 

2) How can an encoder or an upgrade to a new option make my life easier and our live stream more professional?  
According to Church Production, "An encoder allows you to live stream from camera by simply translating the video and audio into a language that the internet and the live streaming viewing platforms, like YouTube and Facebook, can understand." The Vidiu X encoder is entry-level, portable and affordable making it perfect for houses of worship getting into live streaming. The Vidiu X can translate any HDMI video signal and audio to stream to your social media pages. 

3) If we already have an encoder, what can the Vidiu X do to help us stream even better?
Vidiux X has the ability to perform network bonding. According to Church Production network bonding allows you share the upload across Ethernet, WiFi, and cell connections. Also you are able to take your live stream on-the-go. 


If you are looking to improve your live streaming production, the Vidiu X encoder is a great product to add to your workflow. 

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