Teradek Vidiu X: Easy to Use, Ultra Slim, HD Live Streaming Encoder for Worship

Chuch Production recently reveiwed Teradek's Vidiu X Streaming Encoder and quickly found out it's a simple solution for complex challenges of chuch video production. The Vidiu X  reliably broadcasts live video from almost any location to multiple streaming platforms – in high-definition, at the touch of a button. Check out some highlights from Loren Alldrin review of the powerful streaming encoder. 

"Small enough to fit in the palm of one hand, USB-powered Vidiu X sports just one HDMI input and one HDMI output. An ethernet port allows for a hard-wired connection to your ISP. A USB port will work either as a stream recorder (with USB drive attached) or modem interface for a compatible cell data modem. An SD card slot also allows for recording of your video program if the USB port is populated. Whether you choose SD card or USB, Vidiu X is picky about the size and format of the media you attach. It may take a few tries before you find media it will recognize."


"Out of the box, Vidiu X will stream to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo,Wowza or any RTMP(S) destination. With Sharelink, that list grows...
A stream is only as good as its internet connection, and here Vidiu X shines. In its basic configuration, you can connect the encoder by ethernet cable, wi-fi 6 or a USB cellular modem (compatible models from AT&T, Alcatel or Novatel). With a Sharelink cloud subscription, the conjunction in that previous sentence becomes and. Sharelink "bonds" multiple upload data connections into a single stream, which means your upload bandwidth is the sum of your ethernet, wi-fi and cellular modem bandwidth. If one of those drops out, the other two will still carry the bits. Most churches will likely use an ethernet connection to their main ISP plus a cellular modem or phone hotspot (over wi-fi). This isn't quite as bulletproof as three connections, but it proves to be worlds better than just one."

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