The Teradek VidiU Go is a powerful tool for live streaming on the go. Using cellular bonding, this unit can bring you a powerful signal to stream from, in practically any location.

Teradek recently posted a great article outlining how to setup your live streaming workflow for success with the VidiU Go

While the most basic live streaming setup consists of taking out your phone or laptop and hitting the go live button on your social media page, this convenient method has its drawbacks. Reliability can be an issue when using a device such as a phone or laptop due to its need to share CPU across all its apps and programs. Streamers and professional streaming companies are also looking for workflows that easily connect to professional cameras, switchers, and microphones to give their output a polished look.


What You'll Need for Your Setup 

Video and Audio Sources

One key element to stepping up the quality of your live stream, is where your image and sound begin- your camera and audio source.  Your camera should have at least 1080p resolution and a variable zoom lens.  


Encoding your video and audio sources is perhaps the most important piece to the puzzle.  When streaming you can choose between a software encoder and a hardware encoder- depending on the capabilities of your computer or equipment.  In the case of a VidiU Go hardware encoder, over a software encoder on your computer encoding will be faster and more efficient.  In addition, with the power of cellular bonding, devices like the VidiU Go mean you can encode and stream from anywhere.  

Setups for your LiveStream 

1 Camera, 1 Destination

For the most basic live streaming setup, hook your camera to your encoder via HDMI or SDI, and send your stream to a single destination like Facebook Live or YouTube. 

1 Camera, Multiple Destinations

Streaming to multiple destinations depends entirely on the encoder you are using.  Some can only stream to one CDN at a time, which means to reach multiple CDNs a restream service must be used like  In the case of the VidiU Go, a stream can be sent from VidiU Go to Teradek's Core Cloud platform in order to send the stream to multiple destinations. 

Multiple Cameras, Multiple Destinations

When sending multiple camera feeds into your stream to more than one platform, a switcher will be required.  Some encoders have built in switchers, and some do not!  VidiU Go is focused on encoding and processing your video at a highly efficient speed.  So a switcher like the Roland V1HD would be optimal to send multiple cameras into your VidiU Go and mix the pictures.  From the the VidiU Go can send the stream to the Core Cloud, and to your selected CDNs.  

Learn more in this article from Teradek.

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Teradek VidiU Go HDMI (standalone)
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