Test Bench: Canopus Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 4 Editing Software

Videomaker by Joseph F. Dries, III edius 4 proStar Light Star Bright Canopus, according to its Web site, is the name of the alpha star of the Carina constellation and the second brightest star in the sky. Because of its brightness and stability, Voyagers 1 and 2 relied on the Canopus star to navigate through the solar system. Canopus was also the pilot of Menelaus' ship on his quest to retrieve Helen of Troy after Paris abducted her. The question is: Will Canopus EDIUS Pro 4 help you navigate your travails to tell your story? Let us pay the ferryman and find out. Canopus EDIUS Pro 4 sports a throng of impressive new features, including multicam editing mode, nested timeline sequences, key framed color correction filters, a time remap feature, improved audio channel editing, revised timeline trimming and alpha support for the Canopus HQ codec. To thoroughly exercise those new features we can cover in the space allowed, we tested Canopus EDIUS Pro 4.00 on two systems: an HP Workstation XW4200 3.20GHz Pentium 4 with 4GB RAM; and a MacBook Pro 2.16GHz Core Duo with 2GB RAM. Both ran Microsoft Windows XP SP2 with all updates applied. Render Free Reality Much of the allure of Canopus EDIUS Pro 4 is the seamless handling of mixed formats with uncompromising quality. Editors can pull from SD, HDV, HD, MPEG-2 and uncompressed sources of varying aspect ratios, resolutions and frame rates without converting first. Of course, you'll need a computer that can handle processing any video streams that need to be converted in real time. In other words, if you want to take advantage of this feature, make sure you take a look at the recommended system specifications. Add effects, transitions and titles without having to render, and you can begin to imagine the possibilities.read more...

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