Test Bench: NewTek TriCaster STUDIO Live Production System

Videomaker by Brian Peterson Studio in a Box Tricaster StudioIt's been about two years since we got wow'd by Newtek's first studio-in-a-box, the TriCaster. So when we heard about all the improvements packed into this latest version, the TriCaster STUDIO, we made a phone call. What we got was a black box that packs about twice the punch of its TriCaster sibling - at twice the price. Video professionals producing both live and recorded shows for corporate, educational, government, worship and sporting events will want to look very closely at the TriCaster STUDIO. It is also a good fit for community television and even small and mid market broadcasters. Wayne's World would have, sadly, looked more like Entertainment Tonight had the STUDIO been handy. Thinking Inside the Box The TriCaster STUDIO features six sets of live component, Y/C and composite inputs, and spectacular virtual sets that include sophisticated chroma key, reflection, refraction and lighting effects. Four additional inputs, one from an external computer, two independent digital streams from hard disk, and a background generator, gives you a total of 10 sources from which to output a variety of file formats. It doubles the number of live video inputs, mic and line audio inputs, recording capacity and DDRs over the original TriCaster. The STUDIO also boasts seven new file formats. read more...

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