Test Bench: Red Giant Magic Bullet Colorista v1.0 Color Correction Plug-In

Videomaker by John Burkhart

ColoristaColorista Correction The color correction of motion pictures is one of those places where art firmly intersects technology. Much like a painter's palette, the tools involved are deceptively simple, but it is the artist behind the tool that determines whether a picture becomes a beautiful image or just a colorful mess. Colorista v1.0 from Red Giant Software is a color correction plug-in designed to replace or augment the color correction tools that come with your NLE. The Colorista team has come up with an approach relying on a simple interface, with an extremely powerful back end. Many Applications The Colorista plug-in supports an impressive array of host applications for both PC- and Mac-based systems, as long as they start with the letter "A." Adobe, Apple, and Avid are all supported, with After Effects and Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Motion, and Xpress Pro and Media Composer, respectively. While the plug-in will work with After Effects, we question the real usefulness of the plug-in without being able to refer to the supporting vector scopes and waveform monitors that the other applications have. If you are planning on doing a great deal of color correction in After Effects, consider how you'll monitor the image accurately. We tested out the system with Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 on a 17" MacBookPro. read more...

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