Test Bench: Sonic Solutions DVDit Pro 6 DVD Authoring Software

Videomaker by Edward B. Driscoll, Jr. DVDit6Sonic Has the Solution Sonic Solutions's DVDit Pro 6 software for Windows XP is an affordable way to prepare and master a professional-looking DVD with a variety of multimedia content. The program, designed by a firm (www.sonicsolutions.com) that creates sophisticated high-end software for Hollywood and professional recording studios, is aimed primarily at the serious hobbyist and mid-range professional videographer who wants a user-friendly program that goes beyond the features of most low-to-midrange priced authoring programs. Retailing for $400, DVDit Pro 6 comes bundled with a powerful ancillary program called eDVD 4, (also available separately for $199), which makes creating the sort of multimedia discs we're used to seeing from Hollywood studios for its blockbuster titles. You know - the ones with not just the core movie, but also a PDF file of its script, an MP3 of the theme song, and JPEGs of the stars. read more...

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