Test Bench: Sony Media Software Vegas 6 Video Editing Software

Videomaker by Morgan Paar Vegas 6Vegas 6 is a High Roller Vegas has had a serious cult following through its many incarnations, starting as a Sonic Foundry product back in 1999. When Sony bought Sonic Foundry in 2003 (when Vegas was in version 4), the fans shuddered at what might happen to their favorite editing software. But as Sony brought it through two new versions, dedicated users and new converts alike breathed a sigh of relief to see that their powerful, tried and true editor only changed for the better; much better. Vegas 6 is unique in that it has a relatively easy learning curve, but possesses a powerhouse of deep features suitable for the seasoned editor. There are few programs, if any, that can boast suitability for beginner through experienced user under one roof. One side note though--despite being easy for beginners to learn, it was difficult for our Avid-based users (who were used to various versions of Avid, as well as Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro) to adjust to the different workflow. For those wanting to "work in Hollywood," learning on a non-Avid based system may be a hindrance. That said, let's jump into the wide world of Vegas 6. read more...

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