Test Bench: Sony Vegas+DVD 7 Video Editing Software

Videomaker by Brent Holland Vegas 7Viva Sony Vegas! Sony Vegas 7 is an easy to learn professional program with all of the capabilities of any other program in its class. Who said professional editing programs had to be difficult to learn? Beginners and advanced users alike take note: Sony's premier editing software offers a very easy learning curve while maintaining the integrity and power of a professional editing suite. Whether you're editing together a highlight video from last Christmas or producing a feature length movie in HDV, Sony Vegas 7 has the tools and stability to suit your needs. First Look Installation is fairly quick, and Vegas must be activated before use. With installation complete, we quickly dove into the program. The main interface is slightly different from most other editing programs, namely the timeline is at the top of the screen with the media pool and preview window being at the bottom, However, the interface can be customized to emulate other editing programs such as Avid, Final Cut or Premiere. The preview window has several display modes from "Draft" to "Best" quality, allowing realtime playback even on slower machines. The video capture interface is intuitive and well laid out. Offering both basic and advanced capture modes, Vegas allows the user to quickly capture video with the touch of a button, or for more advanced users, the batch capture allows you to capture only selected areas from the source media. read more...

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