Test Bench: Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite 4.5

squeezeVideomaker by John Burkhart Anyone who's serious about encoding for a wide variety of formats and doing it efficiently will find this their main squeeze. Today's ideal workflow is to create once, and publish anywhere. Compression software is the crucial tool allowing you to deliver your content to an ever-increasing choice of distribution channels. The most important attributes of compression software are video quality and speed. Essentially you want it pretty and you want it fast. How well does Sorenson's new version of Squeeze deliver? The Package Sorenson's Squeeze Compression Suite has always been one of the pioneers of compression technology, and its 4.5 update packs some new features into what was already a mature product. New to this version of the software are speed enhancements (Sorenson claims a 3x-speed boost for encoding and pre-processing), improved H.264 support, 3GPP and PSP output, Metadata support, DVD burning and a new Universal Binary to run natively on Intel-based Macs.
Setup and installation of Squeeze was simple and straightforward: simply click on the install program and enter the serial number. There are no annoying dongles or activation requirements. The product runs on both Windows and Macintosh computers. read more...

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