Test Bench:Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional Compositing Software

Videomaker by Harold Johnson AE7 ProAE in 7th Heaven With After Effects 7.0, Adobe rolls out an impressive list of new features for its highly successful visual effects and compositing software. There are so many new features that it'd be foolish to list them all here; we refer you to the company's Web site for an exhaustive treatment of the subject. Some of our favorites, however, include the following: an elegantly functional new user interface; the Graph Editor; better integration with other Adobe products; enhanced OpenGL support; 32-bit HDR color support; and dozens of new Animation and Behavior presets. A few of the new features (such as the new Adobe Bridge interface) don't seem quite worthy of the hype, but overall, After Effects 7.0 is one of those rare birds in software development: a fully fleshed out new version that was well worth the wait. read more...

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