Test Bench:Adobe Production Studio Video Production Suites

Videomaker by Morgan Paar p pro 2Adobe's pro apps have not really thrilled us for some time. Sure, Photoshop, the king of imaging software, has consistently held the winner's belt in its class for more years than we can remember. But there have been few surprises from After Effects, (many higher-end editing programs can now do much of what AE is known for,) and Premiere made a rough, though necessary, transition into its "Pro" line. On the consumer side, Premiere Elements surely raised the bar for sub-$100 editing programs, but there hasn't been much causing us to gasp in the higher-end apps - until now. On first look at the two new pro bundles we found ourselves using the "awesome" exclamation more than once, and this is not a word we throw around lightly. read more...

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