Test Bench:Boris FX 9 Visual Effects Software

Videomaker by Andrew BurkeBoris 9 Boris is a name known to many editors who work with animated titles. But the "Boris FX" series does much more than bounce your son's name around like a basketball. The new Boris FX 9 is an advanced level plug-in and application for all kinds of editing fun. If you are thinking of making custom transitions, 3D titles, or motion tracking, it has you covered and then some. Did we mention Boris FX 9 is compatible with almost every editing software out there? Well, it is! Opening It Up Boris FX 9 is available on both CD-ROM disc and in downloadable form at www.borisfx.com. Currently, Boris is offering a free demo version, also downloadable at its web site. We quickly install FX 9 from our disc, and away we go. As we install the software, the plug-in "components" are automatically checked off for installation, to be used within our editing software. We are also prompted to install Boris FX 9 as a stand-alone application. We choose to install both, to see what new interface differences, if any, there are. If you do not have a supported NLE for the "components," don't fret. You can still install the full, stand-alone version of Boris FX 9. How It Works Boris FX 9 is now compatible with over 20 editing software programs. So unless you are using some home-brewed editing platform from the early 90s, there's a great chance it'll work. As a plug-in, Boris FX 9 first shows up as a new filter, adding to the list of our other editing filters. It appears as its own effect, and does not change or enhance our other effects filters. We simply scroll or search our effects tab when working with our program. Applying Boris FX uses the same process as applying a filter such as a standard blur effect or cross-dissolve. We just select our video clip in the timeline, and select the folder labeled Boris. After applying the effect, we noticed how many options open up for creativity. read more...

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