Testing out the Hitachi 8TB G-Raid Thunderbolt Array Drive


In the FCP.co office we were looking at storage options as our new Macs all have Thunderbolt ports. When we found out there was over 30% off the G-Technology G-Raid 8 Terabyte Thunderbolt Drive, the credit card didn't stay in the wallet for long!

Thunderbolt storage blows the rest of the competition away. The speed, and ease of use make it a requirement on any fast peripheral, not just hard drives. So when we started to look for more storage in the office we were certain that whatever we bought, it must have that little connector with the lightning bolt on the back.

We looked at the Pegasus R4 which has been the favourite of others, but we wanted something more portable as the drive had to be easily transported off to shoots and other locations for editing.

A quick Amazon search brought up the usual list of suspects such as LaCie, Western Digital and G-Tech as you would expect. We already own a few 2TB G-Technology (Owned by Hitachi) Firewire drives and they have been very robust and not let us down. Having lost the packing boxes, (The cleaner took them by mistake) had the units travel the globe and leaving them in the car overnight in freezing conditions, we didn't need to be convinced about the quality of their drives.

What did shock us was the price. In the UK, the RRP for the 8TB Thunderbolt drive is £788.99. On the UK Amazon Store they are currently offering the drive at a 32% discount at £536.89. Looks like other people think this is a good deal too as the delivery date is a lot longer than the 24 hours it took for our unit to arrive. read more...

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G-Technology G-RAID 8TB with Thunderbolt $749.00 G-Technology G-RAID 4TB with Thunderbolt $599.95 PROMISE Pegasus R Series 4TB Thunderbolt RAID $1,066.00

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