Testing Sony's HVR-A1U Camcorder

Videography By Chuck Gloman HVR-A1U Next-Gen HDV Just when HDV is gaining momentum in the industry, Sony is thinking small. Really small. Thankfully, its small idea offers big results for cost-conscious video professionals. Sony's HVR-A1U camcorder records HDV at 1080/60i, as well as DVCAM and DV, on Mini DV cassettes. Sony recommends that you use DigitalMaster (PHDVM-63DM) Mini DV videotape; it's more expensive, but it's formulated to meet the demands of MPEG-2 compression used in HDV applications. (The A1 adopts the MP@H-14 compression format for video, which uses 8-bit digital component recording with a sampling rate of 4:2:0). When looking at the A1 for the first time, I was reminded of Sony's DSR-PDX10, a great digital camcorder that fits in the palm of your hand and rivals its big brother, the DSR-PD170 (at least outdoors). read more...

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