Thank You Apple

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No, that title is NOT a snide or sarcastic remark. That’s an honest Thank You to Apple.

In 2000 when I opened the doors to Biscardi Creative Media my realistic three options for an NLE were Avid, Media 100 and Final Cut Pro. Obviously I went with Final Cut Pro in large part because of the cost, though it still cost me almost $30,000 to build an entire suite from nothing. I have proceeded to use that tool right up until today, some 11 years. What Apple did over that time was to rely on third party developers to come up with video cards so I can capture video in and out of my machine in very high broadcast quality.

  • Developers came up with awesome graphics cards to make my monitors look incredible.
  • Developers came up with amazing plug-ins and peripheral applications that could work in tandem with Final Cut Pro.
  • Developers came up with incredible high speed data arrays giving us a tremendous slew of storage options.
  • Final Cut Pro became such a market force it forced Adobe and Avid to find ways to talk to the product so projects could move in and out.

Final Cut Pro single handedly did more to influence the development and price of software and hardware for the non linear video editing industry than any single product ever did or probably ever will. Without Final Cut Pro we don’t see the proliferation of AJA, BMD, Matrox, Drobo, Small Tree, Dulce, G-RAID, Red Giant, Magic Bullet, Davinci Resolve, Flanders Scientific, Telestream, and BorisFX and many many more. read more...

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