The 10 best plugins for After Effects

Creative Bloq by Christopher Kenworthy

To switch on the real power of After Effects, install these plugins. Christopher Kenworthy shows how third-party software makes the most of Adobe’s motion graphics package.

Not long ago, you had to buy plugins to add volumetric lighting, change the speed of footage, add motion blur, track effectively and even to import sequences from Final Cut Pro. All those tricks can now be performed inside After Effects CC, leaving developers to work on more creative and exciting Plugins.

01. Cosmo - Cosmo softens skin tones and keeps teeth and eyes in focus

  • Price: $99
  • Developer: Red Giant

It’s often said there’s no substitute for good lighting and professional makeup, but Cosmo makes a mockery of that suggestion. Without blurring your scene, it softens skin tones, removing blemishes and facial lines, keeping teeth and eyes in focus.

The default settings work on many shots, but you can adjust the sliders to more accurately detect the skin. The level of softness can be adjusted, and it’s best not to push it too far or skin can look a little plastic. For shots that include actors, this is a rapid way to perfect their skin without affecting the rest of the shot. read more...

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