The 6 Cs of Online Video Storytelling by Jason Thibeault is pleased to present this excerpt from Online Video for Dummies. Read to the end to find out how to download your own copy for free.

So far in this chapter, we’ve talked about the components that every story needs (the narrative arc) and why it’s important that stories have those components — to elicit an emotional reaction. But we’ve only talked about the stories, or the output. What we’ve neglected to talk about is you, the storyteller . . . and what you need to do in order to make your stories memorable.

As you create stories, keep the 6 Cs in mind. Here’s what each C stands for:

  • Connected. Stories have to connect us to other people. They have to involve us in a shared experience (no matter how much Facebook wants us to think we are the center of the digital universe, we really aren’t).
  • Committed. Embracing storytelling isn’t a “one-and-done” mentality. Companies regularly commit tens of millions of dollars to reshaping the way they engage and interact with audiences through content. Commitment requires a life-long change.
  • Customer. The story has to be about the customer. It can’t be about your product or your company.
    Character. The story has to have a character. The audience forms an emotional bond with that character. Any characters you include have to be in conflict, and they have to have something to lose.
  • Crescendo. The story has to have an ending. It has to wrap up somehow. You can’t leave audiences hanging.
  • Consistent. Users interact digitally on multiple devices every day. The story must remain available and consistent across all of those devices. You can’t tell one story to one device and a different one to another. The experience has to maintain consistent branding, style, and tone across all channels.

The Need to Stay Relevant
It’s not enough just to deliver your story. You need to create new stories based on what’s happening in the market and with your audience. read more...

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