The Advantages of Auto-Tracking Cameras in Classrooms

The education system has gone through a remarkable transformation within the last ten years. Gone are the days when classrooms were merely physical places where students gathered, to sit and pay attention to their lectures as they take notes. The modern classroom is now as much available online as it is available for students in person. Students can now easily access online documents and recorded lectures from almost anywhere in the world. Live streaming and lecture capture technology has made a remarkably positive advancement in the education arena.

Auto-tracking cameras like the HuddleCamHD SimplTrack 2, are among the technologies that have contributed to the realization of this great transformation. In addition to having an easy setup process, the cameras offer an automated method for recording and/or live-streaming an instructor's presentation. Here’s a comprehensive list of the advantages of a camera with an auto-tracking functionality in a classroom.

The Auto-Tracking Camera Operation

An auto-tracking camera is designed to be placed at a certain position in a classroom to record a teacher or instructor while they are moving around the room. They are popular in higher education, because they can be used to capture zoomed into views of presentations and record lessons in HD quality. This enables their students to view the recorded lessons online with a video that is clear enough to read hand-written notes on a whiteboard for example. Additionally, the cameras enable students to see lectures through a learning management system, whereby their lecturers upload notes and documents to accompany the recorded video

The Advantages of Auto-Taking Cameras

An auto-taking camera offers an array of benefits in the education world. The following are some of the examples of its key advantages.

No camera operators needed

The most awesome thing about an auto-tracking camera is the easy setup process. Once the set up is complete, the camera will operate smoothly without involving any further cost or human effort. In educational scenarios where budgets can be constrained, it's not always efficient to hire a person to operate a camera for every class that needs to be recorded. An auto-tracking camera is a better and more efficient alternative automate lecture capture for colleges and universities that can afford an audiovisual system to include one.

Addresses learners’ needs

Nowadays, students are extremely different from their predecessors. Modern students are attracted to classrooms that provide them flexibility in their individual styles of learning and lifestyles. As such, one of the best ways to gain a competitive advantage and attract more students is to offer recorded or live online lectures. This brings diversity in education, something that the majority of students are now looking for.

More reach expansion capacity for schools

Considering that nowadays, there are a lot of learning institutions, it’s becoming more evident that the number of prospective students who are able to attend an educational institution will more often than not be limited. However, the fact that they are unable to attend their classes physically doesn’t necessarily disqualify them from getting a chance to be integrated into your education system. Providing video classes online enables education institutions to increase their student reach significantly, attracting students from different parts of the globe. Better still, unlike on-site students, online students don’t need their learning institutions to provide them with any physical resources.

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