The AG-CX350: The Best Camcorder for Sports Production

Videographers are being asked to do a lot now. Shooting pregame promos, broadcasting the game itself, video coaching analysis systems, post game highlight reels. Whew.

What is needed is a camcorder that can work for all of this. Perhaps something that versatile and reliable day after day after day!

Well... here it is.

The AG-CX350 4K Camcorder

From Panasonic's website:

  • New 1.0” 15M Sensor brings 2000TV-lines and F12/F13 Sensitivity.
  • Superb 4K Image with 10bit Codec: ALL-I, 422LongG and New HEVC LongG
  • Supporting HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) and SDR Monitoring
  • Industry’s Widest Class Lens with 32x Intelligent Zoom and 5-Axis Hybrid I.S.
  • HD Live Streaming to Connect Directly to Facebook and YouTube Live
AG-CX350 promo video

Use it for promos, coaching, live production, studio shows, videos, analysis, streaming, productions, and more!

Great Promo Videos!

It's important to keep fans engaged. This is done by loads of different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The AG-CX350 makes this possible.

HDR Recording

This camera supports HDR making a wide dynamic range for screens compatible with it. These can be mobile phones too. There's even 8 options of different modes to use.

  • HD,
  • SD,
  • & HLG

4K 10-bit 4:2:2 Color

The AG-CX350 features 10-bit 4:2:2 color sampling. This goes with ALL-Intra (400-Mbs) of LongGOP (150Mbs). It can be shot in UHD up to 30fps & 25fps & FHD up to 59.97fps. 10-Bit is also available with UHD up to 59.97fps with a bit rate of 200Mbps.

Great Depth of Field

This camera features of 1 inch MOS sensor. What does that mean? OUTSTANDING DEPTH OF FIELD! There's even two options: expand & peaking. Use this for manual focus. The LCD screen is also touch focus & had one push focus assist.

Dual SD Card Slots

There are 2 SD memor card slots with the AG-CX350.

Backing up your recordings is alwaysc important, but the CX350 takes care of this for you. Record and backup record all at the same time! Thus saving time & fear of corrupted files. A win win for sure.

Remote Operation with Android & iOS Tablets

Don't have a videographer? No problem!

Control this camcorder easily with the CX ROP app for the iOS/Android tablets. Simply enable IP remote control over Ethernet!

Boosting Performance & Coaching Analysis

Improve the team with practice playback. Show the players where they need to improve. Thus increasing their knowledge of the game to better themselves and the team.

720p AVCHD 8-Mbps Recording

Most coaching analysis programs use 720p AVCHD 8Mbps recordings. And the CX350 offers this! What does this mean? High quality practice or in game ready for analysis. Yet now its faster than ever!

24.5mm Wide-Angle Fixed Lens

This camera features a 24.5mm wide angle lens to capture as much range on the field as possible.

Effortless Monitoring

The 3.2" LCD monitor makes it easy for people shooting in any kind of enviornment. This is key for those working outside. Thus a sunny day, a dark evening, or a florescent room can all be recorded with great quality. It's even possible to adjust the monitor's brightness!

The AG-CX350
The AG-CX350

Live Production & Streaming

Capture stunning imagery for your LED video board, in-game programming, web streaming and game day analysis. Our cameras boast high reliability and superb ease of use, allowing you and your crew to get quickly setup and broadcasting high-quality footage.


SDI & HDMI Video Outputs

It's easy to connect this to most encoders. Both HDMI & SDI are readily available and cheap. Yet the AG-CX350 lets both the HDMi & SDI outputs go at the same time!

Slow Motion

There is a host of frame rates to capture the most intense moments of a game.

  • 120fps in full HD
  • 60fps in 4K

5-Axis Optical Image Stabilization

Live sports means never knowing what is coming. Therefore spontaneity is key. Sometimes there is no tripod to set up, or someone is running. This camera is perfect for that!

It corrects camera shake in five axial directions, providing powerful camera shake compensation power in low-angle, high-angle, and other unstable shooting positions.


20x Optical Zoom

There is a fixed 20x optical zoom. But there are more options like the i.Zoom which smoothly zooms up to 32x in HD. Or zoom in 24x in UHD with no drop in quality. Thus being fantastic for capturing the action and the run & gun nature of sports.

Fantastic Battery Life

A long lasting battery is important out on the field. This has a low power consumption of 11.5W. That's the lowest possible battery power usage in the industry for cameras that have UHD capabilities.

How much times is that? Shooting consistently will give 3 hours and 20 minutes of life! No need to worry about getting to the end of the game now... or even overtime!

Live Studio Shows

Sports isn't the only place the AG-CX350 can be used. Look at the commentators, the half time reports, and the end wrap up. This camera makes streaming easy and painless both in and out of the field.

Built in Streaming Options

RTMP means Real Time Messaging protocol. This enables streaming to key platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Yet it's also able to record internal HD with MOV while streaming at the same time.

NDI|HX Upgrade

Upgrade the AG-CX350 to NDI|HX compatable. Thus making connecting to switchers & encoders easier! Control this camera with only an IP connection! And no external converter!

AG-CX350 best in show
Best in show winner

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