The Amazing History of Live Sports Graphics

Delve into the dynamic intersection of technology and sports with Jordan from Corridor Crew on their YouTube channel. In this illuminating exploration, Jordan utilizes his VFX expertise to unravel the intricacies of real-time visual effects in live sports broadcasts. Witness the evolution of these effects, driven by cutting-edge technology, as they heighten the viewer experience and provide unparalleled insights into player performance. From transforming the excitement of the game to offering in-depth analysis, this captivating journey showcases how advanced VFX knowledge reshapes the landscape of sports entertainment, delivering an immersive and transformative spectacle for audiences worldwide.

Watch the full video below:

00:00 Why watching sports is different
01:06 The score bug
03:20 The yellow line
05:23 The k-zone
06:32 Real-Time Tracking
07:11 RFID and Live Overlays
08:56 Volumetric Capture
09:51 Creating a virtual game from broadcast
11:26 The real purpose of VFX in sports

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