The art of TV editing: A conversation with Nancy Forner, A.C.E.

Digital Journal by Mindy Peterman

An editor does more than make a television show fit neatly into its time slot. There is an art to editing TV, and being successful in that field takes an abundance of talent and expertise. Editor Nancy Forner explains.
Nancy Forner, A.C.E. has worked as an editor on an impressive number of popular television programs: from the children’s show Fudge in 1995 (“I was a teenager when I did that show!”) to Law and Order: SVU to cult hits like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Vampire Diaries.
Recently she finished work on the sexy comedy Mistresses, which premieres June 3rd on ABC at 10 PM, and was consulting editor on the forthcoming documentary Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farm Fields. The topical film grapples with two important issues: wounded war veterans and their struggles to find healing and employment, and the loss of farming on American soil. The film offers a solution for both issues.
She is also an educator, lecturing at many of the local colleges and Universities in the Los Angeles area. She says, “I do it all the time and I love doing it. I love sharing the craft.” If you are interested in the field of television editing and would like to know more, follow Nancy Forner on Twitter (@nsfcl) to get the process started. You can even send her your own video and she will critique it. read more...

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