The Avid & (vs.?) FCP articles

Scott Simmons is a very creative non-linear editor working with Avid applications and Apple’s Final Cut Pro. They are both great tools and he is equally comfortable and fast on either application. editblog As a user and fan of both Avid products and Apple’s Final Cut Pro, I love them both. I do not believe one to be better than the other contrary to what many other editors I have spoken with think. They are both great tools to achieve an end result. If I have the choice I will choose different tools for a different outcome and editing software is no different. Below are links to a series of articles I have been writing to look at Avid and Final Cut Pro, side by side, feature to feature, in more detail. The differences are many, but the similarities are there as well. 1. Avid vs. Final Cut Pro. My Take. a quick comparison of a number of features 2. Looking at the mortal enemies a comparison of some of the basic terms 3. Recording audio keyframes a look at the process if audio keyframing and automation gain 4. Looking at the Avid and Final Cut Pro timelines In depth with the basics of the timeline 5. Comparing the Avid and Final Cut Pro capture tools Comparing some of the basic capture features 6. Nesting in Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro They use the same term in both appliations but “nesting† is quite different. Check out the articles here

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