The Azden WLX-Pro Radio Microphone

Broadcast Newsroom by David Hague

It's amazing how much bad audio there is on video these days, especially in interviews. Too much emphasis is placed on using on-camera mics as against actually aiming for tippy top audio.

To reiterate, viewers will put up with the occasional skippy frame, shaky image or even the odd out of focus, but lousy or stuttery or out of sync audio will never be tolerated and people will turn off. So to fix audio problems, the first thing to do is make sure you are using the right mic for the job, and for interviews, this generally means using a radio transmitter receiver and lapel (also called lavaliere) mic.

Hobbyist videographers and even some top enthusiasts have the misconception that these are horrendously expensive, but this is not necessarily so. Chez Auscam has just taken possession of an Azden WLX-Pro radio mic setup and this retails for less than $250.

And for this price you get a nifty little unit indeed. read more...

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