The Big 3 NLEs And Their Place in Today?s Film Industry

PremiumBeat by Noam Kroll

It seems like just yesterday that Final Cut Pro completely dominated the independent film post-production scene, but the terrain today is very different and editors now have tough choices to make when it comes down to committing to an editing platform.

After FCP X was released, FCP 7 users were perplexed to say the least. There was a small user base (including myself) that embraced FCP X from the beginning while also exploring other options, but seemingly many pro users moved on to either Premiere Pro or Media Composer.

While FCP X definitely had it?s issues and was missing some key features, the real issue that users had with it was that they didn?t want to have to learn a completely new editing paradigm. Many believed that Apple would eventually cave in and attempt to bring back the old FCP 7 that they once knew and loved, but once a year or so went by it became very clear that FCP X was here to stay. Nonetheless, this created a very diverse user base in the post-production world and for the first time in a decade there was no clear cut choice as to which system to learn and commit to as an editor. read more...

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