The BirdDog PTZ Keyboard Controller Product Spotlight

In this product spotlight, we are proud to present the BirdDog PTZ Keyboard. A perfect way to control your ptz camera.  

The BirdDog PTZ Keyboard is the world’s first full NDI PTZ controller that supports full NDI, NDI|HX, VISCA over IP, RS422, and RS232.  

The BirdDog PTZ Keyboard is truly one of the most flexible ptz controllers on the market. By harnessing BirdDog’s next generation NDI® and IP technology, this PTZ joystick makes it easy to discover, connect, and control your PTZ cameras.  

Featuring superior ergonomics, premium buttons and joystick, all in a beautiful design, this is the PTZ controller made to last.  

Using the PTZ Keyboard is a breeze with a straight forward button layout. Quickly access all the cameras on the network, and set up quick access buttons for settings like  Exposure, Focus, Zoom, and movement speeds. 

Effortless, one handed control of Pan, Tilt, and Zoom is possible with the 3-Way Joystick. For more control, use the zoom rocker located on the lower left corner, perfect for two handed comprehensive PTZ control.  

Select cameras, presets, and menus with the BirdDog PTZ Keyboard’s soft buttons and easy turn dials. 

Set up your custom button controls to best match your workflow. Exposure, Focus, PT Speed, Zoom, Shutter Speed, Iris, White Balance, Compensation, and more, can all be set to an assignable button.  

The BirdDog PTZ Keyboard offers super flexible powering options allowing you to power the PTZ Keyboard from Power over Ethernet (PoE), DC in, or even over the serial port.  

The BirdDog PTZ Keyboard is now available for $1,599.00.  

Watch the full video here!

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