The camera conundrum: which one to buy?

Philip Bloom

This blog post is outdated…

A strange way to start an article, but it’s true. It was outdated the moment I started writing it. It is becoming more and more outdated the longer I type this sentence! Just in the time it took to type “outdated” it became very outdated!! So it is outdated by the time you are reading it and of course will be certainly outdated if you reading this a few weeks/ months/ years from now. Why? New cameras are coming out more frequently that the times I have been told, “it’s OK Phil, we can try again later” :) Cameras are being released so often it’s becoming next to impossible to keep up!

OK, perhaps I am a teeny weeny bit exaggerating.

We are now almost in a position where the choice is so enormous that it’s becoming like shopping in a department-store clothes section, with all the different labels and the hundreds of different options. The expensive ones, the cheap ones… figuring which suits you and your budget best. Is it as nice, sleek and sexy as the more expensive one in that other section….of course not. Will it cover you up and hide the extreme embarrassment of your not-in-the-best-of shape naked body (I am only judging people by my own standards, not saying you are not super toned and fit!)? Of course it will…will it look as good as that fella over there who has gone for the fancy Italian branded one? Possibly not…BUT if both of you are in a bar and you are better at the old chat up lines than he is, then we know who gets lucky that night don’t we? Yeah, probably him as he has a nice Aston Martin to go with it.

So that was my camera analogy. Did you like it? Bit shit I know :) It truly is getting to the point where, in 10 years’ time, people will be shooting on cameras I simply will know nothing about. Even now, Sony have so many new models out that I have hired a team of 140 people whose full-time job it is to keep me informed on what new cameras Sony have brought out, minute by minute….:) read more...

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