The Clicker — Why are there 18 standards for HDTV?

Hello and welcome to “The Clicker,† Engadget’s weekly wandering into the granddaddy of all gadgets – the television. HDTVHave a seat on the couch. Kick back, relax. Just remember the rules: keep your shoes off the coffee table and keep your grubby little hands off my remote. Hold on; that sounded a bit hostile. You’ll have to forgive me. I get a little possessive of my remote. Don’t worry – I am currently seeing a therapist about this. Well†¦ this and my fits of blind rage upon discovering that CSI has been deleted from the TiVo in order to make room for Emeril Lagasse! This week’s question comes from Bill Jordon. He asks, “Why are there 18 different standards for HDTV? Why do some stations (like ESPN-HD) use 720p and other stations (like HBOHD) use 1080i?† Continue reading “The Clicker — Why are there 18 standards for HDTV?†

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