The Clicker: The 5 reasons why Blu-ray will win.

engadget by Stephen Speicher bluray vs hd dvdIt’s been quite a few weeks for HD DVD and Blu-ray. On Tuesday September 27th, Microsoft and Intel joined each other on the proverbial platform and announced their support for HD-DVD. The Wintel powerhouse served up this all-but-shocking announcement with a list of technical reasons for the decision. (Apparently, they decided to table the notion of candidly saying “Come on guys – do you really expect us to back both Sony AND Java at the same time?†) Never to be left out of a good PR battle, on Thursday September 29th a cadre of Blu-ray supporters shot back with a point by point defense of Blu-ray. They didn’t outright call Microsoft and Intel liars, but they did heavily hint that their pants were smoking and possibly on fire. It’s getting ugly. The gloves are coming off and, if there was any doubt before, this won’t be resolved with a nice Cab and the smooth sexy tones of one Mr. Barry White. No Blu-ray/HD-DVD love child is happening. So the question becomes: who’s gonna win this war? The answer? Blu-ray. Below are the five top reasons. read more...

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