The Digital Cutting Room

PC Mag by Jan Ozer PC MagNew versions of Adobe Premiere and Apple's Final Cut recently hit store shelves and went head-to-head in our lab testing. We'll tell you which one is right for you. Whether you're a longtime wedding videographer looking to upgrade your setup, a would-be indie filmmaker, or just an enthusiast looking to make home videos several cuts above the average, it's not enough to drop a few thousand dollars on a new HD camcorder. You also need a digital editing app worthy of your sharp footage. Lucky for you, two of the biggest names in high-end video editing have just released new versions of their software: Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium and Apple Final Cut Studio 2. We love both products, but which is the one for you? I've put together a head-to-head look at the two that should help you understand their relative strengths and weaknesses. Since video editing is a primarily visual medium, I've done in it the form of a slide show. read more...

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