The Digital Video Rocket

HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER & COMPANY Catalog DV RocketBudding astronauts can experience liftoff from the rocket’s point of view thanks to the impact-resistant digital camera in the nose cone of this 3' model rocket that records video at 320 x 240 pixel resolution. The rocket is ready to fly after a brief set-up, and just 15 seconds after the ignition button is pressed, the camera records the swift journey of the rocket to 600', and the view of the earth as it descends under a parachute. The camera is oriented toward the earth during flight. At the end of each flight, the camera can be connected to a PC with the included USB cable to download the 30-second footage, recorded at nine frames per second. The craft launches using Estes D engines (included). Made of injection-molded plastic. Ages 10 and up with adult supervision. Ground shipment only; not available in Rhode Island. 36† H x 4 1/2† W. (8 oz.) For more info Item 72433 ................... $119.95

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