The DV Show lists 14 FREE FCP tools. Here’s 14 paid ones as well.

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A great list of FCP freebies got me thinking about what are the must have paid tools as well

The DV Show dropped a great post over the weekend that answered a question from one of their readers: “I’m looking for some plugins or tools to enhance my productions. I mainly use Final Cut Pro and was wondering if there are any free or low cost alternatives to make my videos look better.” With that they listed 14 Must Have FREE Plugins & Tools for Final Cut Pro. It’s a fantastic list of a number of great tools that will be right at home in any editor’s toolbox. But this post got me thinking about some of the paid plug-ins and tools that are great in the FCP editor’s toolbox as well.

If you thumb around the FCP universe for any length of time you’ll find that there are tons of 3rd party resources to support the Final Cut Pro application. Some may say that it is because there’s such a large installed userbase while some might say it’s to plug a lot of FCP’s holes and shortcomings. Regardless of your stance on this issue (IMHO it’s some of both) the fact remains that there’s an ecosystem built around FCP that can’t be matched by Avid or Adobe world. And what that we FCP editors get a lot of choice when it comes to supporting tools, plug-ins and products to help us get work done.

This DV Show post titled 14 Must Have FREE Plugins & Tools for Final Cut Pro lists great tools that all FCP editors should have. I thought it would be worth listing some of the paid FCP tools that I think have a place in many editor’s toolboxes as well. Many I own. Others I have only used. A couple I have either seen in other editor’s workflows or I have heard such good things about them I wanted to include them in the list. Some we’ve talked about here before. While all are great this is be no means a list of all the tools available. They are listed from cheapest to the most expensive. read more...

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