The Edit Doctor's Adobe Premiere Wish List

The Edit Doctor by Mike J. Nichols

Adobe Premiere CS6 is now out (along with the whole Creative Suite) and folks seem to be digging it. Awesome!!! So far I’ve tried out Lightworks (which is free) ,FCPX, AVID, and a little bit of the new Smoke.

I find Premiere Pro to be the most welcome replacement for the former Final Cut Pro 7 crowd BUT I do have some things I’d like to see amended or addressed.

Things on my wish list for Adobe Premiere CS6.5… (in no order of importance)

1. RECONNECT CLIPS needs major help. It’s just not easy for more than one clip and at the least there’s not a smart search function like in Final Cut Pro. It’s too basic for many of today’s workflows.

2. SCALING A CLIP to accurately fit timeline size BUT NOT downsampling clip data. Right now you can either import a clip and let Premiere downsample it the timeline’s size but zooming into it loses resolution OR a checkbox selection to have the clip come in at 100% but Premiere leaves it zoomed in on the timeline. You have to manually fit the the 100% clip to fit the timeline yourself. Although this is really cool in the proxy workflow is it possible to make it smart enough to do the matching for us as a third option. Possible? Please?

3. FIND IN TIMELINE - I NEED THIS!!!!!!!! Not JUST FIND but FIND ALL/MULTIPLES as well. read more...

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