The editing of Star Wars - Analysing the craft behind a classic film

Just in time for holiday reading, a new book looks at the editing craft behind the seminal 1977 sci-fi film. Did you know there are 2177 cuts in the film? No? Let's take a closer look.

Linton Davies, the author of 'The Editing of Star Wars' very kindly emailed us here at with the manuscript for the book. We get many press releases for new software and hardware, so it's always nice to get news of a product or book that talks about the craft, not kit.

Linton agrees too:
"As a long suffering editor in the trenches I became frustrated about how little this side of filmmaking is discussed in relation to actual 'cuts', not just in purely technical ('my RAM's bigger than yours') or philosophical ('you just have to feel it!') terms. The book seeks to address that, using one of the most popular films of all time as a peg to go into the practical cause and effects of the choices editors make. I'm a little biased but I think it's worth the time of anyone whose interested in either the Star Wars franchise or the process by which movies actually get made, which I'm guessing makes up a pretty hefty percentage of your site's readership!" read more...

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