The Edius Pro Crash Course for Beginners (Part Two): Workspace and Workflow

wolfcrow by Sareesh Sudhakaran

In Part One we looked at how to set up your Edius Pro system for best results. In this part we’ll look at understanding the workspace, and the typical workflow.

We’ll also look at how to import video into Edius Pro.

This is the basic Edius Pro workspace


This is the source and preview monitor. You can configure the workspace to either display one or both of these (see first image). Edius Pro calls the source monitor the ‘Player’ and the preview monitor the ‘Recorder’.


This is the ‘Bin Window’, where you can see your files, clips, bins and folders. It is divided into the Folder view (C), Clip view (D) and Metadata view (E). The Folder view shows either folders on your hard drive that you have imported (see below) or virtual folders you have created to organize your clips better. The Clip view shows clips.

The Source Browser tab (Bottom left in this window), will display attached cameras, decks, players, etc., for capturing or import. You can specify which folders Edius must look into for each codec type. read more...

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