The Epiphan Pearl Nano is the Best SRT Encoder for Remote Production

The Epiphan Pearl Nano is the best SRT encoder for video production. The Pearl Nano is the perfect-fit streamer and recorder. Check out Video Producer, Cameron Rhodes go over why the Pearl Nano is the best SRT encoder.

"Need an SRT encoder for your live stream guests or to join other people’s productions? Meet Pearl Nano, the perfect-fit streamer and recorder for SRT contribution, small-scale live event production, and more. Find out all the features that make Pearl Nano the best SRT encoder for your live video productions and remote guests."
Epiphan Video




"MASTER REMOTE VIDEO PRODUCTION WITH PEARL SRT PROTOCOL SUPPORT Epiphan’s Pearl family of hardware encoders fully support the SRT protocol. Pearl systems feature multiple built-in inputs for video and professional audio, simplifying setup by letting you directly connect advanced AV gear for the highest-quality SRT streams. Plus, Pearl systems’ end-to-end control makes it possible to configure and test contribution encoders located anywhere in the world, reducing the chance of errors and simplifying production for all involved."
Epiphan Video 

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