The Epiphan Pearl Nano Is The Little Box You Can Build Your Streaming Business With

The Epiphan Pearl Nano is a tiny little box that seems unassuming on the surface, but packs the broadcasting power to run schools, remote shows, or corporate meeting broadcasts without any upkeep.

EposVox does a great Epiphan Video Pearl Nano review. Here are some highlights 

“This kind of total integration into whatever solution you wish to build out is where the Nano stands above slapping a laptop, some capture cards, and OBS together – especially when it comes to support.”

“Basic training or on-site instructions can keep a education or corporate setup using one of these running for a very long time with minimal support, whereas throwing an OBS PC together with cheap components is something you’ll be playing tech support for basically all the time.”

“While the Pearl Nano is a tad pricey in the enthusiast game streamer category, for the more professional market it’s aimed at, it’s not all that expensive and I think it will enable some really cool broadcast performance.”

He mentions the inability to easily resize video inputs… feature coming soon in firmware release 4.14.3… We’ve already been playing with the beta dev release and it’s working fabulously! Can’t wait to get it in customer hands.

Check out the video here


Check out the video on YouTube here!

Learn more about Epiphan here!

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