Videography JVC HDVJVC is introducing the GY-HD100U, a professional, affordable high-definition (ProHD) progressive camcorder with true 24p capture and recording, and the BR-HD50U ProHD recorder player. Both products fit into the company’s “Affordable HD† initiative, whose goal is to deliver a range of cost-effective production tools that open the doors of HD to everyone. The centerpiece of JVC’s affordable HD approach is called ProHD, an HDV-compatible video system with professional specifications, including four-channel audio, timecode, true 24p HD and dual media direct recording to HDV cassettes and hard disk. JVC utilizes widely available, non-proprietary technologies such as MPEG-2 compression, DV recording media and conventional hard disk drives to achieve its affordable HD solution. By using core technologies developed for mass market consumer products, JVC’s development costs and lead times are greatly reduced, allowing the company to bring products to the market sooner. read more...

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