The long awaited Canon 5D mkIII…is it what we were hoping for?

by Philip Bloom

We have been waiting for this for some time. Rumours of release dates came and went for well over a year. Well, today it was officially unveiled. There are many questions I have about it and I have yet to see any footage PROPERLY (i.e. not compressed)…but here is the official press release from Canon…

The mkiii has been desperately needed by many, including me. The full frame aesthetic is so unique and still has a very clear place for me as a filmmaker. Video feature wise we have apparently moire free (and aliasing free?) images thanks to a new processor. We have the ability to monitor audio with the much fabled “headphone jack” finally coming to the Canon line. Hurrah! We also have meters on screen and we can change the levels during recording…

We now have clip spanning so we can record longer than 12 minutes…29 minutes 59 seconds. It won’t go over that due to the ever present EU tax issue.

Still H264 recording, 50p/ 60p only at 720p (come on now!!), no swivel screen and no ability to make you a better filmmaker by owning one ;) read more...

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