The Mac Pro in 2012 and Final Cut Pro X: When did Apple start representing the state of two years ago?

FCPX.TV by Richard Taylor

In most areas, Apple represents the state of the art (or even the future of the art) in their product lines. But not so with the current Mac Pro. On their Mac Pro website they have about a dozen pages dedicated to a two year old Mac Pro with such outdated descriptions as:

"The most powerful Mac", "fastest Mac ever" with "Intel’s next-generation processor".

Intel’s next-generation processor? Really?

As you might expect, the current Intel 16-core Sandy Bridge Xeon processor with quad-channel 1600MHz memory blows the drawers off of the current, top of the line, 12-core Mac Pro. Apple is now definitely second tier when it comes to powerhouse towers. Apple second tier? That just plain sounds wrong.

I have been anticipating a new Mac Pro since late last year and I've posted about it on my FCPX blog and on Twitter: read more...

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