The Mack Daddy List of Resources for Filmmakers

Edit Cellar by Pete

In this simple guide, I have linked all of the online resources I take advantage of to continually improve my craft and build my business.

In Jiu Jitsu, which I have trained for years and years, there is a common thread between those that have success on the mat: No matter the results, they continue to train, undaunted, with little ego involved.

It is tough to even tell by their demeanor if they are tapped (submitted), or doing the tapping. That’s cause these special breeds know the important part is perfecting their game and progressing at their own pace.

It’s these types that, in what seems like overnight, become killers on the mat. Whatever your craft is, the lesson is to ‘stay on the mat’. Keep at it, be persistent, and persevere.

As a filmmaker, even when work is slow, I continue to write, shoot, and edit. Even if its just a few pages here and there. I have an entire file folder filled with terrible scripts and movie ideas. I just think, stay on the mat. The rest will take care of itself.

With that in mind, I put together a list of resources I use for myself, some free, some paid, but all invaluable in my book. I do not benefit from you using these links. This is not affiliate marketing, this is tried and true tested resources that have added value to my career.

While on the ‘digital mat’ as a filmmaker, here are the top resources I use to grow at my craft: read more...

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