The Matrox RT.X2 Hardware Advantage - Check out Videoguys Exclusive RT.X2 bundles!!

Matrox RT.X2THE HARDWARE ADVANTAGE! Matrox RT.X2 with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 $1,695.00

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 is the most advanced video editing solution for editing SD and HD video. The integrated Adobe Encore CS3 software features professional DVD and high-definition Blu-ray disc authoring support and Adobe OnLocation CS3 provides direct to disc recording & on-set monitoring. This software combined with the Matrox RT.X2 PCIe card and professional video/audio breakout box will turn your computer into a video production powerhouse capable of editing HD & SD footage in realtime – that's the HARDWARE ADVANTAGE!

If you’re a professional editor looking to get the maximum productivity from Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, Matrox RT.X2 is right for you. Here are just some advantages of this revolutionary hardware:

†¢ Support for the most advanced cameras in the industry including Sony HDV 1080p, Canon 24f/30f, JVC ProHD HDV 720p and native editing of Panasonic P2 MXF 720p and SD files

†¢ Hundreds of Realtime Effects mean you can spend less time waiting and more time creating! RT.X2 features realtime Matrox Flex CPU effects including color correction, speed changes, chroma/luma keying plus realtime and accelerated Matrox Flex GPU effects including 2D/3D DVE, blur/glow/soft focus, shine and many more

†¢ Monitor your footage in realtime, in full-resolution, on an inexpensive flat panel display! Matrox RT.X2 lets you preview your video & color correct on the same monitors that your audience will be using to view the final production

†¢ Print-to-tape in realtime and enjoy accelerated exports to DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray, QuickTime, Flash Video, and other multimedia formats with Matrox Media Encoder

RTX2 Mega Videoguys' Exclusive Matrox RT.X2 Bundles Also Available... Starting at $2,150.00 Matrox RT.X2 is the perfect cornerstone of any state-of-the-art video production system so we've put together some money-saving bundles including everything you need to create a Blu-ray Disc authoring system or upgrade to the complete Adobe CS3 Production Premium software. Click here for these bundles & SAVE!

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