The Most Demanding Video Production Workflows Need Fast and Reliable G-Tech G-SPEED Shuttle Storage

Are you needing to manage 4K footage? Whether you’re making an SVOD original or a passion piece of your own, the need to shuttle data efficiently in the production workflow is essential. The G-SPEED Shuttle, with transfer rates up to 1,000 MB/s and 48TB capacity, is just right for transferring and handling a week’s worth of 4K video footage. From G-Technology

You’ve been on the set for the past sixteen hours. Delay after delay has held up the production schedule. But, the producer just dropped three Red® Mini-Mags in your lap and the clock is ticking. As the director paces back and forth, you’re on the hook to transfer and back-up the day’s shoot as quickly as possible so it can be moved into post-production. The multi-million dollar production is in your hands and there’s no room for error.

Video Gold Rush Streaming video on demand (SVoD) services are rising globally, enabling many new opportunities for studios, production houses and independents to create cinema, reality or episodic TV, documentaries, etc. With this present-day gold rush, SVoD providers are scooping up new content in order to keep up with consumer demand, differentiate themselves, and generate revenue through new subscriptions. And, like the gold miners of 1849, the right tools are essential for striking it rich.

Professional content creators who plan to sell their next big series or feature, must first follow a variety of requirements set forth by the SVoD providers. Content has to be captured at high resolution with specific equipment so that content will live well into the future and subscribers can consume the highest quality possible. A minimum of 4K, up to 8K, is required. Specific workflow procedures also need to be followed so that certain tasks are handled to the provider’s requirements.

This requires content producers to use new and sometimes unfamiliar tools as their volumes of footage continue to reach epic proportions. It is not uncommon for a production crew to be on-location for two or three months recording 3 to 4 terabytes per day of footage from multiple cameras. Some camera systems are creating up to 400 megabytes per second!

If currency is something of value that is in circulation as a medium of exchange, then video footage is a form of currency. Any professional production requires three duplicated copies on three separate devices -- one goes to the producer, one is shipped with the equipment, and one is handcuffed to the DIT or PA to never let out of their sight. Footage, if lost, can never be recovered, or is costly to reshoot, so its value is significant.

Content creators in the field need a reliable and fast storage solution that can handle demanding workflows of 4K and beyond, with the ability to easily move and capture footage from location to location. Not being able to move data quickly and reliably to the next stage of the workflow is one of the biggest pain points in video production. Our new G-SPEED™ Shuttle is ideally suited to meet these objectives.....[continue reading]

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